Elevating Child Care  This is my favorite website on parenting and working with infants and toddlers. Janet Lansbury is a RIE instructor who writes clearly about how to apply this approach to issues that arise with children.

Other blogs I like that speak to the importance of free play in the early years are:

Babies in the rain 

Not just cute


Information  on infants, toddlers and screen time:

Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Media


Other sites with information on children, media, and play:

Common Sense Media

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood

Alliance for Childhood


Information on early brain development:

University of Oregon Brain Development Lab

National Association for the Education of Young Children


General  information about development:

Zero to Three

Oregon Early Learning Guidelines Oregon Ages and Stages Questionnaire

I recommend these two important essays from Po Bronson’s book: Nurtureshock: New Thinking About Children:

I also have an extensive library of books and magazines that I am happy to share with parents.