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I will spend time with you before enrolling your child so we can get to know each other to determine if it’s a good fit. We need to trust each other, talk to each other, and be able to laugh together, as we commit to working together for the next three years.

Enrollment is for a minimum of 24 hours a week. Payment for all hours used will be made at the end of each biweekly period, at the rate of $12.00 an hour. A deposit of $576 will be made when the child is enrolled and returned if all payments are current when the child is withdrawn. One month’s notice is required before withdrawal.

Contracted days missed by the child will be paid for up to the 24 hour minimum. There is no charge for any time taken off by the provider for sick days, conferences, holidays, or the last two weeks of August and December taken as vacation. There will be a charge for the week of spring break vacation, which will coincide with the Portland Public Schools calendar unless otherwise agreed upon.

The child care day begins at 8:30 and ends at 5:30; after 5:45 a late fee of $12.00 will be charged and will continue at that rate for each 15 minute increment thereafter unless prior arrangements have been made.


Sick Child Policy

Children who are obviously ill and/or have a contagious condition should not be brought to childcare and will not be accepted for care. Children who become ill during the day will be isolated, and parents will be called to pick up the child as soon as possible.

Guidance and Discipline

I believe in providing real choices for children and allowing them to experience the consequences of those choices. For example in the case of a baby with a soiled diaper who doesn’t want his or her diaper changed I would acknowledge the child’s perspective, add that the diaper must be removed so s/he doesn’t get a sore bottom, and give the choice of having it done now or in two minutes. As part of respecting young children I try to ask only real questions and give real choices.

Infants and toddlers learn structure and develop self-discipline in a safe and predictable environment. I have minimized the number of forbidden objects in my house to allow the babies to explore freely, to test the physical limits of this space, and get direct feedback about what they can and cannot do. Mistakes and accidents are accepted as a normal part of this learning process.

Screen Time

screentimeThere is no screen time for children under two. With children over two we occasionally look at photos on my iPad.

Emergency Policies

If we need to evacuate the house all children will be brought to the porch, and then out to the sidewalk or lawn. In the event the house cannot be reoccupied we will be at Central Christian Church, 1844 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. Their phone number is (503) 235-2114 and our contact person is the main secretary, Carol Booker. I’ll also have my cell phone with me, and that number is shared with parents.

In the event of a health emergency, when a child is not breathing, has an acute illness or injury I will:

  1. administer CPR or first aid as needed
  2. call 911 if necessary – if further care is needed children will be taken to Providence Hospital unless parents specify otherwise
  3. call parents

To report a complaint

An individual wishing to register a complaint against a provider who is providing child care in their home may call Danielle Lucas at the Child Care Division – (503) 669-7112 x 241.



Our dress code is quite informal – it’s okay if your child wears pajamas to my house! I do ask that you supply appropriate clothing that allows your child to move freely, get dirty, and play outside. An extra change of clothes should be sent in the diaper bag each day. I do ask that children not wear clothing here with licensed characters on it; children are already exposed to too much advertising in the world.

You supply diapers; I prefer cloth, but the greener brands of disposables are okay as well. I send all wet and soiled diapers home at the end of the day in a plastic bag.


L multi-tasking

Much of our communication will be the daily informal exchanges that take place at drop off and pick-up times when we can share information about what’s been happening with your child. When you have time to hang out with us here we can sometimes have longer conversations about child rearing philosophies and practices – I really enjoy those! I welcome you to visit and observe at any time when your child is here.

I respect your right to privacy. I will not share any confidential information without your permission or consent unless mandated by child care licensing regulations, other statutes, or by a court of law. I am obligated to protect children’s privacy, which includes withholding the names of children who may have been involved in incidents which occur in the program.

In addition to our initial getting to know each other conversation before you enroll, I like to do a home visit around the time your child enters care here. We can schedule annual conferences after that to confer about your child’s interests, needs, and progress. You are welcome to ask questions or give me feedback at any time. Families gather annually for a potluck where you are invited to share any other input you have about the program.

At the beginning of each year I’ll ask you to fill out the Oregon Ages and Stages Questionnaire which we can review together. If there are any concerns about your child’s health or development I may recommend a consultation or further screening. I value collaboration with other professionals and parents to ensure children’s optimal development.

In order to provide the best, most consistent, care for your child it’s helpful to me to have current information about your child’s life at home – things like family visits, a new pet – or loss of a pet, changes in sleeping or eating, a move to a new house.